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When I first moved to Washington, I had never been here before and I had no idea how beautiful a state it was/is.

I was expecting the Seattle area to be like the S.F. Bay area.

I have been more than pleasantly surprised by the natural beauty in the immediate areas as well as my travels within the state.

I had not expected the amount of trees and wild areas.

Welcome to this second edition of my state...

Desolation Point
This is very typical of Western Washington growth. Deception Channel out to sea
Deception Pass/Bridge connects the North end of Whidbey Island to the mainland.

A Ferry connects the south end.

Bottom 2/3rds of Whidbey is farmland mostly, but, the North end is very pretty woods and beach.

Patricia and Shan on point.
Patricia on trail 

Got a lot of use out of that ol' truck. 
Leavenworth is about 2 hours from us up in the mountains, built on a Bavarian style.

We love the town, between it's style, shopping and location, it is one of our favorite places.

Bands play here in the town center during summer.
I could spend a lot of money in this little town, they have a few tourist traps but, they have a lot of nice stuff for sale also.

Some good German restaurants and a brewery, with tasting tour.

If we weren't happy where we are this would be an ideal retirement town.

Leavenworth downtown Cascades at Leavenworth
Needle View
I've been up in the Needle twice, once on a dinner date and once to get these photos. If you know my fear of falling (it's not heights, as I love to fly) you'd know it was quite a harrowing task. But, you can't live in the Seattle area without doing it at least once. The bottom of the dish is the restaurant, top is the gift shop and observation deck. The funny shaped one near the base is the convention rooms.
Even for today the Space Needle is an engineering marvel, the center of gravity is well below ground making it one of the most stable structures on the West coast.

Seattle from a ferry

Amazing to realize that Seattle is actually built mostly on landfill.

Like Venice it is slowly sinking.

North to Queen Anne district

Several different museums, the main Science Center is built and designed for kids and learning. A concert hall and enough grounds that they have theme fairs through the year.
Lake Union Northeast
Boats go through Lake Union via canals to get to Lake Washington.
The Puget Sound borders Seattle on the West (Lake Washington on the East) so it is a full ocean port.
Seattle proper south Shipyards to southwest.    
The Meadow
Patricia took me out to a meadow south of here. Beautiful off-road place, hardly anyone even knows it's there.
One time we went this was a running stream running across the road, about a foot deep. Lots of snow melt.
Beautiful little pristine lake that hardly anybody knows is there, course, that's probably why it's still pristine.
This is that flood road in full force.
Washington Rivers
Lots of water in this state, mostly snow melt not from the rain only.
Reminds me of Tahoe.
Washington differs from Tahoe in that Washington has ferns, moss and abundant under growth. One of the maintained river walks.
The Falls
`The Falls' are about an hour from our house.

Snoqualame (sp?) Falls.

Again, most people don't know there's a road/path to the base and just `view' them from the top.

From the top, the path to the base of the falls is along the right bank. The hotel at the crest is expensive but worth it, it's booked months in advance.
Salish hotel
They pumped the water out of the river from the base of the falls to supply surrounding areas.
Hope your enjoying these mini-tours of Washington.

It's beautiful country...

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