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Griffin PNP
Seattle is almost as fun as some amusement parks for taking the kids over for day trips...

These first pictures are from outside and inside the Science Center...

The Space Needle from the Science Center.   Hoses mounted on gimbals to shoot at targets that move or spin.  

Simple physics for fun.

Activities room.  
Shamu and friends. Food fairs and music festivals are held on the grounds The Space Needle and Monorail is another whole trip.  
Dinosaur exhibit inside carries out into the courtyards as well.

The Waterfront

Fisherman's Market usually starts the day     Listening to street musicians  
The path down from the Market to the Wharves Alaskan Viaduct (Freeway) All the old wharves have been converted to shops and restaurants.  
Seattle Aquarium
The Aquarium is also built onto one of the wharves, actually quite extensive for it's size limitation.  
My absolute favorite room in the Aquarium, just imagine this as a living room in a house?   Tide pools are always a favorite with the younger set.
  A long day      
No matter time of day can always get a great meal of seafood along the docks, after draining off the water they dump the pot in the middle of the table, and set the pot next to the table for shells. No wonder their called The Crab Pot restaurants!

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