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Griffin PNP
My daughter Sheri came up for a first time visit and her choice was to see the Museum of Flight and the Underground Seattle. I had never been to the Museum so it made for a good choice. Fascinating place three buildings with an outside airstrip as well.
Sheri French braiding a neighbor's hair, Payson a friend of Haley's. One building was all WW1 and WW2 planes.
Although they had replicas of other items.   The models were meticulously done.   Even the action paintings were perfect.
  The middle building was actually Boeing's original workshop. And the main building...
...was like a big kids room with planes hanging from the ceiling.  
Transporting planes without wings.   Main entrance.   And some space stuff too.
  This was just INSIDE a wheel housing.   Walking under a Black Bird was awsome.  
  Had some high speed boats exhibited. Early attempts.
        Outside a 747, closed for refurbishing.
The Concorde may have been fast but, I was not impressed with the interior accommodations.
Nor was I impressed with the interior of the Presidential plane either. The third building was one floor devoted to WWI and the other to WWII.
Extremely well done museum, it would probably take a week to read all the documents they've collected and display plaques.
Aunt Marlys, Randy, Sheri, Patricia, Tyler and Haley. Same picture as on right: cropped and edited for content. Had not realized that my Aunt Marlys was up here house sitting until Sheri mentioned it. Made the connection and met for a marvelous family breakfast. She says she is moving up her next year.
  Comforts of home after a hard day out, Payson, Patricia and Haley.      

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