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We drove up to Mount Vernon to Cindy's house, then down to La Conner, for lunch then out to the Tulips.

La Conner is the home town of the Tulip Festivals.

Having canal access to the Pacific it is also a fishing port, so we got some great seafood.

Maurice was up for a visit from Texas, so it was a trip to met and show off the local area.

La Conner is an old well established town.
Houses are elevated on the hillside or built above shops to give views of the canal. One of the last of the original buildings.
They seem to stretch on forever. A lot of land devoted to just flowers.

Producing every year, draws quite a crowd to view them.

These are pictures of one of the managed gardens, Roozen-gaarde Gardens. To showcase their `product!'

Such a concentration of beautiful plants.

Purchase on site or get the catalog.

The on-line site is below, I think it sells from all the gardens not just this one.

Roozengarde fields
The pictures of the group that made the excursion.
  Me, prior to starting for the day. Maurice was out on a visit to Cindy. All part of the family.
Cindy through the window, shopping.

Again, the best way to get candid shots, when they don't know their under the lens.

Maurice window shopping
Shop, shop, shop!
Haley strutting Waterfall Bagging it
      The trio
Haley at the Tulip gardens Shopping for bulbs
For more on the Tulip Festival and gardens see also my Tulip Festival 2001 page & pdf book.

This was more the people, Tulip Festival 2001 is more the flowers.

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