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Loop 01 - 2000

Loop 02 - 2000

Cascade Weekend 2001




The Cascade Loop has it's own web pages based on regions. We did the entire Western loop in 2000, driving up 5 to catch Rt. 20 to start our journey, through 153 to 97a, then 2 all the way home. Our favorite is Rt. 20, mountains, lakes and tress.

153 and 97a reminded me of California in the summer. Rt. 2 is through our favorite town, Leavenworth, WA., and returns us home...


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Loop 01 - 2000
Most of the pictures will be along Rt. 20 as it was what we consider the prettiest. Lots of water, mountains and trees.
This was a small island (?) halfway across the lake. I noticed a partial path off the road from the bridge across (next pic), pulled off into a very picturesque setting.

I doubt that more than one percent of the people rushing across the bridge to somewhere see it and stop.

Bridge to island
Traveling along the river as most mountain roads do, with the river widening into lakes on it's travel downhill.
Patricia collecting her rock samples, we collect some from everywhere we go, to place around the yard.
We came out to this overview on an easy trail. I took one look down the fenced trail and went uh-uh!
One of the many small towns that we went through or stopped at.

Most of the ones that cater to tourists/travelers around here are based on themes.

This one on the Old West, as Leavenworth is based on Bavarian, etc.

Our overnight stay was at a hotel on the river. Lake Wenatchee was booked for some boat race. This was out-of-the-way, but quieter and nicer.

River North
The hotel river looking North, the Eastern part of Washington.

For all that water, pretty dry and barren landscape.

Loop 02 - 2000 Just a continuation of the Loop trip.
This is what we see in Washington when we get off the beaten path.
A salmon fishery along the way on Hwy 20.
I miss that Jeep, it was the last year of the style I liked.

I've gotten used to the new one, but it's not the same thing.

Cascade Weekend 2001
We took a weekend off and drove up to some cabins on Route 20 along the river, very relaxing time. The cabins were tiny, but just right for a couple off on a weekend.
Last in the line...


Part of the benefit of being on-line, I got to view and pick out the one I liked the most.

Nothing but trees past us.

What more could you want for a getaway weekend? Well, yeah, a hot tub, but otherwise?

It was all small sized but we had a living room, dining room, kitchenette, bedroom and separate bathroom.

Spent half our time on the deck. Quiet and quite a setting for relaxing. Cozy!
Typical lush WA. forest.

This is the way I see most of the Western side of the state, even the populated areas have parts that are not cleared. Love it...

The trail to the river, beautiful easy walk. The river's edge off the resort that we were at.
We were the only people for a distance.
Wouldn't this make a wonderful camping spot?
An old truck being slowly reclaimed. Lots of wild brambles, these are blackberries in season. The campground is visible past Patricia, the river is about three times as far behind me. Both hidden by bends and trees from each other.
They started with three, got out of their pens, now in the hundreds.
A church on the way!

I just couldn't resist getting a snapshot of this unusual imaginative construction.

Though we love the majority of Washington we do have our favorites and the Cascade Loop fits in our favorites.

It is like traveling through several different biospheres along the way.

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