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WA State 001
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Griffin PNP


Welcome to my new home state, Washington.


There is so much to explore here that this is only the 001 in a series.


Beautiful state, yes it rains here but not as much as I was lead to believe, and you can't get the green without the rain.

A one bedroom on the first floor. But, I moved to a two bedroom on the third floor in the same complex after a few years.
Overview of the apartment complex from our walking trail.
My first Fall in my 1st apartment in Kirkland.
My first Christmas in Kirkland. 

Olympic Peninsula beach on the far West edge over Washington.

Had to ferry over from Seattle.

The view from my second apartment overlooking the pond. A bit crowded even in the two bedroom, and I still had a lot in storage.
My second favorite area of Washington, includes the Olympic mountain range, Hoh rain forest, and Lake Ozette.

At the very western most tip of the peninsula is an Indian reservation with an exceptional native museum. 

Hanging moss on the Peninsula.

The Old Dome. It has since been demolished. Ferry coming into Seattle with the Olympic Range in the background across the Sound. Typical of the Olympic Peninsula, very lush as it is a true rain forest.

This is on the Hoh Rain Forest trail.

Trail in the Hoh Rain Forest
  Along Hwy 2, did not realize at the time that this would become a main road to our final home in Monroe.
Part of Lake Washington into the main Kirkland park.

Lake Washington Sluice


Kirkland Park walkway, over wetlands to the wildlife viewing platform.
The trail Shantree and I walked daily.

Quiet, seldom used, got a lot of thinking and some writing done on it.

Kirkland trail start Very pleasant walk, easy trail and beautiful scenery.

There is an old rusted car in the bushes.

Kirkland trail end
The loop back part of the trail.
Olympic Peninsula trail in Hoh. On the Sound
Orcas Island, one of the San Juans, and one of my favorite places.

Well, actually my favorite in Washington.

Have to take the ferry out of Anacortes to the North. The island is in the shape of the letter C, so it seems to take forever to get from one end to the other.

Mt. Constitution is at the far end, highest point in the sound, can see Canada and all of the sound from it.

Also, a `hippy' campground at the far end, sites secluded, clothing optional hot springs fed tubs.

Lake Ozette on the Peninsula, my favorite campsite.

Beautiful lake to park next to.

Their is a trail here down to the beach where they are excavating an old Indian village.

The Seattle Science Center museums and the Space Needle.
Hoh Rain Forest on Olympic Peninsula
Reed face?      
Just a few of the treasures of the Emerald State.

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