Pasco 052009
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1st trip to tricities
Pasco 1st pics
Pasco 052009
Fort Walla Walla

Griffin PNP
The spider bridge, East end. The blue bridge that I pass over to work every night. Due South, windmills on the hill. The college and airport. The Franklin County Courthouse.
Pasco looking toward Kennewick above. The river between, that you can't see at this perspective divides Pasco from Kennewick to the South and curves around to divide Richland to the West from Pasco. We live in Franklin County.
The area was mostly a train stop at one time, before the Hanford project during WW II.
The smaller of the other two hospital, Sister of Lourdes in Pasco.
Water sports, with the windmills on the hill.
We have some beautiful parks along the river with old growth trees. The Columbian looking East.  
Pasco has set aside a major field area for baseball and soccer.
Main street West Pasco, about ten fast food and a handful of restaurants. Blockbuster and Lowes. Our movie theater. With a WalMart Super store, we are all set. The bare minimum roads. To planned neighborhood roads.  
There is the "Port of Pasco" because of the Columbian. The official "ship" of Washington is the Lady Washington (which played as the Interceptor in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie), along with the Hawaiian Chieftain they tour the different ports along the river.  Battle cruises during the day, and moonlight cruises in the evening, with walk on tours in between.
I took Haley and Tyler with me to see the boats, for their pictures on the boats see Grandchildren 042009 in Family subweb.

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