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Seaside OR. 2002.2
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Griffin PNP
Small but interesting aquarium, featuring local flora/fauna! This was the Seal tank at the entrance.
They each had their own specific antics to get fish.
Octopus Grey Morey Eel
Flounder Yellow Morey Eel Seal tank
The Beach
And of course the beach, we were half a block from the boardwalk. The water being half a block further, through a scrub break with a wide beach.
The scrub.


We walked through the scrub to get to the beach itself.

You can just see Steven and Haley on the trail. The kids loved the beach.    
Beach looking south Look, Grandpa, a big sandbox! South beach  
All kinds of bikes, rentals, one person low-riders to eight person trolley bikes.
Foggy two of the four days we were there... ...but still out crabbing though.
National Volleyball Tournament
      Kites and all kinds of activities.
Seaside, OR.
The town of Seaside, itself.
The channel on the east side of town actually cut it off from the mainland, like an island.

Not sure if natural or artificial.

Mallards as well as seagulls. Party bike. They were having a blast. Steven and I spent an afternoon in the arcade.
Channel deck South beach scrub South boardwalk Kids arcade
Overall we had a wonderful time.

A long drive but we broke it up with three breaks, one for lunch and one to tour the Capital grounds.

The house was comfortable, and we couldn't beat the price.

We got our fill and then some of fresh crab.

Both of the kids loved the beach, and Haley has picked up a real love for horses.


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