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Olympia, WA


Astoria, Oregon

The House



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Seaside, OR



For my birthday this year, I wanted to go North to Mt. Baker...but, as I only have one vote, we went South to Seaside, OR., taking Haley and Steven.


We all had a good time and it was a pretty drive, along the Columbia river, forests and seashores.


Toured the Capital grounds for an hour break, and lunch on the Washington coast, before heading into Oregon.

Olympia, WA.
We stopped and toured the Capitol for a driving break.

Congress was not in session, so we just got to see the grounds and buildings.

Congressional Library Capitol Building Govenor's Mansion Steven couldn't resist a closer look, we saw another (if not the same one) in Seaside.
Group in the Capitol Gardens A tribute to Washingtonians lost to war, all wars. Another tribute marker with the garden fountains behind. The fountain is at the front of the Capital grounds.
The garden fountains out front.
Totem of animals.     Their getting along very well.
Don't recall the name of the town, but, we stopped for lunch on the Washington coast for some great seafood. Picked up some shrimp for a song locally.
We ate out on the deck, beautiful weather.
Astoria, Oregon
Astoria the gateway to Oregon from Washington.

Pleasant little seaside town.

Can you name the movie shot here?

The Astoria end of the bridge high enough for ships to pass under to gain access to the Columbia River.
Still the bridge, the loooong flat part.
The House
Patricia rented the house from a work associate, the charge was only to cover the electricity basically. Made of stones, over a hundred years old (the house, not the stones).
The living room, it was too warm to actually have a fire though. Patricia loved the claw-foot tub.
They left the old wood-burner stove in place next to the new range. Backyard a little overgrown?
Spent a lot of time on the back deck, which could be reached from both bedrooms and the kitchen.
Steven with some of the crabs we caught.

We averaged 10-20 per day, oh, whatever the limit was.

Haley now calls every horse she sees, "My Horse!"


No fear in her...

  Steven enjoyed it also. They lead the horses around a track. They both liked it well enough to go around again.
And to hang out afterwards.  Continue to Page Two
Patricia even made a friend.

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