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Griffin PNP
Nancy, my first wife, and I drove out to the Grand Canyon from Southern California to see the Grand Canyon.

I've never been nor will be a `desert' person, and once you've seen it there's not a whole lot to do or see unless you were to go down inside it. Which I imagine would be quite an adventure.

What surprised us the most was that the next day we woke up to inches of snow on the ground.

The snow at the `higher' elevations made it much more interesting.

These pines show the wind swept conditions of the ridges.

They actually did tear down this `London Bridge' and move it to the river. As if the Canyon weren't enough of a draw.
Left over from earlier times the windows have been added.
Indian culture is still pretty strong around the canyon.
On a clear day you can see a long ways.
I'm sorry, but to me, unless you were down in the canyon, on the river bed, to me the Grand Canyon is just a big hole in the ground in the middle of desert.

It was an interesting trip, and everyone should see it at least once in their lifetimes, I just found that once was enough for my mountain tastes.

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