Alaska 2000
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Alaska 2000
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Alaska 2000

Snow Mobiling



We finally made it up to Alaska this year, for Thanksgiving. Though Patricia lived there for many years, it was my first trip.

We flew into Anchorage, staying at a family friends house in Eagle River, halfway between Anchorage and Palmer.

Heather, Patricia's eldest lives near Wasilla. And we went North to Talkeetna (about two hours North of Wasilla) to go snow-mobiling.

Patricia got to see family and I got to see some of Alaska. Very pretty, very different. Next trip we want to head South into the Kenai Peninsula, down towards Seward or Soldotna, etc.

Alaska 2000
Bill's house that we stayed at, very comfortable and appreciated. Steps down to the jacuzzi out back. Bill's front yard. Bill's street, what a scenario to live in. Town at one end, and it dead ends into a park at the other.
Bill and Patricia at the park at the end of his street.
Beaver lodge
Downtown White River
Russian graveyard, I can't pronounce the name of the place.
Mount McKinley  
Dog sleds were out as well. Bill and Butch Though Butch and Bill have been many times this was my first time, it was really fun.
This trip was more for family than sight seeing.

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Bill's. His kitchen was large enough for Patricia to do her best.

Scenery was different than what I had expected, mostly flat lands and mountains, and the trees were stunted from the harsh climate from what I am used to, but overall very pretty.

Looking forward to getting into some of the true forested areas on a future trip.

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