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Griffin PNP


We made another trip to Vegas this year, mostly to get Kathleen and Cory married (see the wedding pictures in their own book).

Arriving all together, Kathleen, Cory, Steven, Patricia and I, we found it was only $8 dollars more to take a limo to the Vacation Club than a taxi. Which helped set the mood for the trip.

Sheri, my daughter, made it out for a couple of days, so I even had a special trat in getting to see her.

Patricia's sister and her boy friend Maurice also drove out from California for half the week.

Cory's mother Donna and her husband Craig flew down for the wedding.

So it turned into quite a family affair.

About half the group had never been before, so they explored and we relaxed.

We stayed on the 10th floor this time, so we had an overview of the pool complex. The Club's private pool. Steven had his own room. With a single entry to a small foyer, with doors to each side HGVC can rent out the rooms in three configurations. As we did, a two bedroom suite. Or as a single suite and a single bedroom suite.
Statues everywhere, Paris, Paris. Sheri, my daughter, has grown into a young woman, that I am very proud of. The foundation for the Eiffel Tower goes right through the building.  

Maurice, Steven, Cory and I enjoyed the Star Trek rides.

Though Maurice and I being more Trekkies than the others we enjoyed the museum as much as the rides.

Paraphernalia from the movies and series is arranged in display cases along one side of the walkway to the rides. A "timeline" of all events in the Star Trek universe lines the opposite side. Klingon display The Durass sisters
We were assimilated The Borg Experience has been added to the rides.
Though enjoyable for the three-D effects, I did not find it as good as the original Klingon Encounter (which is still there).
The "kids" enjoyed small amusement parks. Kathleen, Cory and Steven behind the Luxor. From the base of the Luxor.
Three rides along the simulation style of Star Trek, though more physically intense.
Even the ceilings are overly decorated.
Steven and I took an afternoon to see the Shark Reef before everyone going to the Excalibur show.
Steven had a very good time, especially here.
A blimp over New York, New York.

The Strip from the airport



Mandalay Bay

New York, New York MGM Grand Excalabur Paris, Paris Belagio's The Mirage Treasure Island
  The Luxor Terribles The Flamingo and HGVC are hidden by Paris, Paris.

Everybody had a great time.

The wedding came off well.

Saw family we hadn't seen in awhile.

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