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Shark Reef

The Shark Reef at Mandela Bay is billed as the only exhibit in the world built specifically for predators.

The final large tank you walk out through a tunnel into a room that is suspended like a bubble in the aquarium. So, that they swim all around you, including windows in the floor and ceiling.

 Diver cleaning  

This `tunnel' led into the main shark room.

Supported in mid water, sharks swam all around, under foot as well.

      Jellyfish tank  
This is the room that juts out into the shark tank, windows on the floor as well as the ceiling.
Underfoot view
Shark entrance Shark exit    
Star Trek Experience

I could no more not go to the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton than I could quit breathing.

Patricia could not go on the ride because of her back surgery, but I still got to enjoy it (again).

The is the gaming area in the Hilton leading to the ST Experience.

Carrying the theme out into the hotel.

Enterprise NCC-1701D I know everyone considers the Klingons as the bad guys, but, their Bird of Prey has always been my favorite ship design out of the Star Trek Universe.
Picard as Lacutus Dominion and Tribbles Vulcan wedding apparel
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This trip was planned differently than our first one.

We planned more time, ten days which was just enough to see what we wanted to.

We got the rental car for further afield exploring.

Course we were staying in our condo vs a hotel room which made us more at home, and more options on eating out or cooking at home.

Of course we gambled, but neither of us is addicted to it.

I got pulled aside for airport search at both ends, but glad to see it.

Overall a wonderful time/trip, we had a great time.

Las Vegas is definitely the adult Disneyland! There is a saying in Vegas that each new hotel is built to outdo the last one, and they do it!

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