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Seigfield and Roy
  Seigfield and Roy's secret garden at the Mirage included a dolphin area as well as enclosures for their animals.

It's awfully hard to remember your in a desert when you walk into a building and your in a forest.

Some beautiful gardens throughout the hotels.

Mirage arboretum




 S&R jaguars hanging out      
   S&R white tiger posing    Desert Dolphin
Dolphin pod Dolphin tank Mirage pool area
  Mirage statue  
Tournament of Kings

The Tournament of Kings is a step back in time to King Arthur's era.

A banquet is served, without any utensils. As King Arthur and other `kings of Europe sit down to the Round Table.

Dancing and song. Jousting on horseback, sword and other weapons, ending up fighting Modred and his henchmen.

Good show, all...

One of the few pictures of the two of us "together!"
King Arthur arrives King Arthur skirts the Round Table
Modrid The Challenge    
Victory Knight's pledge
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