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Welcome to Book Two of our Vegas 2002 trip.


We are still having a great time...

 King Tut

The Luxor has an exhibit based around King Tut's burial.

You used a talking wand to explain what you were looking at as you walked through.

It's amazing (course these are copies) the amount of detail in their metal work that far back in time.
Imperial Cars

The Imperial Palace next to the Flamingo has an auto showroom.

350 + - cars and other collectibles on display, all for sale, though couldn't afford any of them!

Patricia has no interest in cars per se, so I walked over and explored on my own.

This is very close to the grey Mercedes I inherited from mom.

All the cars were clean as a whistle.

Guaranteed to run.

Car row
They even had Dragons and other collectibles...

I could not resist taking a shot of this sign. It is so true.


Hoover Dam
Got some good shots considering I couldn't go out on the observation deck (my fear of heights kicked in).
Hoover from parking The generators at the base, the elevator goes down 500 feet from the visitor's center.
Tunnel hewn out of the rock face to generators. Power housing at the base of the dam.
Patricia had no problem going out there.
The memorial to the workers. Hoover towers
    Hoover Overlook
Lake Mead, shoreline pretty barren considering the amount of water.
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