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Flight There

Chocolate and Cactus


Fremont Experience

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Our Room at HGVC


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With all the water outside it's hard to remember your in a desert.

With the detail and openness, it's hard to remember your inside buildings.

Shopping malls, exhibits, so much to see. Some of the hotels seem bigger than some towns, you can get lost in them. Just in awe...

Caesar Promenade Dining with the Gods  
Caesar shops    
Cesaers has two statue sets at opposite ends of the building, that move and put on performances.

Caesar on his throne with the gods around him.

Even the toys are bigger than life. Large salt water aquariums every where we turned.

The size of some of the tanks, deserved to be in Sea World instead.

The other statue area, these are replaced by other statues.

Zeus and his children discussing their virtues with mankind.

The other statue show in action.
The hallways appear even larger and more opulent empty.

This is `only' a side hall between the Mandala Bay hotel and their Shark Reek.

Even the light fixtures are fancy.
Luxor, rooms are cantilevered over the center conforming to the pyramid shape.

The inside was dizzying to look up.

The main floor is the casino, This raised floor was all their exhibits and rides.

Luxor temples
Patricia in Luxor
Belagio staircase Garden inside the Bellagio Lobbies are huge for influx.
Patricia gaming Venetian ceilings Venetian promenade
Patricia inside NY, NY MGM column
Venetian annex      
Our Room at HGVC
Our room at HGVC (Hilton Grand Vacations Club, and surrounding area.

Separate rooms, small apartment size was very comfortable and enjoyable. Though we went to a lot of buffets, it was nice having our own kitchen too.

Hot tub in the room, as well as the private pool and hot tub for members only.

HGVC kitchen/entry
HGVC living room from entry HGVC hot tub in room HGVC bedroom HGVC pool area
Our outdoor spa and pool, fenced in just for club members.

Again, using misters on the canopies.

The `entrance' we used to get to the Strip through the Flamingo.

Flamingo koi

Personally I have always thought that the wood ducks were the prettiest ducks. Flamingo garden falls Mallards
Their enclosure is nicely shaded, the white areas are refrigerated from below and their water is cooled.
Flamingo turtles We originally had a higher room, but, with Patricia's surgery they were able to change us to a ground floor room.

Which worked out really well with a North exit to a side street and our main exit within 20 feet to the South through the pool area.

Mandarin Duck
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Las Vegas 2001
Las Vegas 2002.1
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Las Vegas 2004
HGVC front

Vegas has grown up and become the Adult Disneyland, a wonder to see. No expense was spared and it shows. One cab driver told us The Venetian was paid off in five years after completion.

Even if you don't gamble or even drink, it is a sight to see. Well worth the trip.

I highly suggest nothing less than a full week, even in ten days we didn't cover all of it.

It was a great trip, lots of fun...

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