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With the car we rented the first five days we were able to expand our movements along the strip.

Able to get to places that were inaccessible for us on our first trip down.

Both of us do not tolerate long walks anymore.

Plus, we could explore out of town with a car.

Same shot in the daytime
Statues and art everywhere.

No expenses were spared.

There's a saying in Vegas, that every hotel built in Vegas is trying to outdo the last one.

It seems so...

Part of the Flamingo pool complex. I say `part' as it was only a part.

Seemed to be one looping pool all through the garden complex.

Gardens were beautiful.
Wedding area at the Flamingo. What we HAD to walk through every day. Most of the new hotels have the three pronged wing floor plans.
Outside Mandala Bay. Mandala Bay.
The Luxor. Griffins    
Water show at Belagio's. The water danced to music. Even before the `show' it impressed me the size of the man made lake in the middle of the desert.
Paris (hotel) Arch They use a lot of misters in the daytime. Flamingo pools would loop into grottos. Monorails run between several of the hotels, but not interconnected, though they do help a lot.
The back street to our complex. Brown/Tan building in the middle is the Hilton Vacation Club at the Flamingo.
Even tugboats at the base of the Statue of Liberty at New York, New York.

Across from the MGM Grand next to the Excalibur.

NY, NY Bridge
The MGM lion is HUGE! Note the people and cars below him.

We take the monorail to the MGM to gain access to the end of the Strip.

The monorail drops off at the back of the hotel, it took us over twenty minutes to walk through the hotel from the back to the front, without stopping.

Places for the little people?


The attention to details amazed me through all the hotels, inside and out.

Gnome house Only night we had clouds in the sky at sunset. Mirage volcano dormant
Promenade at The Venetian.

The water loops through the hotel, with gondolas for rent.


The Stratosphere at the end of the strip, they have a roller-coaster on top.

And a bungee cord ride on the spike at the very, thank you, wouldn't do either at ground level!

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