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Flight There

Chocolate and Cactus


Fremont Experience

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May 31st - June 10th, 2002, we made it down to Las Vegas, again.

Part of Patricia's recovery plan post repeat back surgery, and a real vacation for both of us.

To answer the question: gambling wise we broke even, roughly. Lost my $20 per day budget, and then had a winning spree the last two days.

We didn't go to play though so much as to explore. If your going there "to Win!" You had best stay home, the odds are too high against you.

If your going there to have fun and enjoy it, gambling is a draw, but not the only one Las Vegas has though.

We had a great time...

Flight There
We flew over Mount Rainier.


It was a beautiful day for the flight.


Had some really spectacular overflights.

Mount Rainier This was in the Las Vegas airport. I tend to like art work that is imaginative. Mount Saint Helens
Chocolate and Cactus
In our quest to do more than just the casinos, we went out to the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden.

Both were of equal interest.

Chocolate Clean Room Taffy puller Chocolate assembly lines Lots of pipes and machinery, for making chocolate!

All ultra clean.

They set up this cactus garden outside the Chocolate Factory.

As a garden, but also as a water conservation recirculation project.

The Garden has it's own hydroponics recycling. Goldfish in the tanks to aid in filtration by eating the algae.

Some interesting cacti also...

Hydroponic tanks Patricia on cactus trail
Fremont Experience
The old strip on Fremont had to do something to compete with the `new' strip. So, they closed the street to traffic, built a curved framework over the street to hold lights. Though the camera picked up the spaces between the bulbs, to the naked eye it appears as one panel. Every half hour to an hour they have a light show, jets fly the length of the street, birds fly around, etc. Very impressive. Open air bandstands at each end as well.
Lights, lights      
Fremont fireworks   Fremont St. Patricks Flag on Fremont
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