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LV Interiors
The trainers were actually in the exhibit playing ball with the lions. Entering the Excalibur. Found a lot of the hotels had moving walkways in, but none coming out.
Had to have a picture of me with a dragon. The Excalibur is based on a medieval theme. So, I got my fill of dragons.
NY NY casino
Many of the hotels have the insides made to give the impression of being outside. Even had manhole covers, with steam coming out of them.
Don't know if these were originals or copies, either way quite an art show.
Venetian ceiling
In the Venetian, most of the new hotels boast that you hardly have to leave them.

Shopping is provided for as well as lodging and gambling.

The canals wind through The Venetian, ceiling is painted to simulate outdoors. Shops along the canals as you walk along them.
Mirage tiger exhibit
Part of the Seigfield & Roy exhibits.
Caesar hallway
Decadent, the hallways were bigger than some homes.

Note the details in the ceilings and columns, and this was just a minor back connecting hallway.

David   Patricia playing Imperial Palace ceiling
Star Trek Experience
What? Me, go to Vegas AND NOT see the Star Trek Experience at the LV Hilton?

Anyways, it was great. Lots of exhibits and the ride was fun.

Museum was full of memorabilia and the ride was exceptionally well done.

The Klingon bird of prey has always been my favorite designs of all of the Star Trek ships.
ST hanging models ST Enterprise  
Lots of costumes and props. All of the Star Trek history mapped out, set up chronologically as a time-line.
From inside the exhibit looking out into a casino with a Star Trek flavor.
ST Original crew ST The new crew ST TNGen ST DS9
The Promenade after the ride. We stopped in at Quark's to have a drink.
ST Voyager We had steaming drinks and a snack at Quark's. (Sorry for the poor pic quality.) They brought out one steaming drink that four guys couldn't finish.
I had a confrontation with a Klingon.

He accused my camera of being a primitive device, I ended up defending it in a face to face verbal exchange.


Not even part of the exhibit, out in the gaming area leading to it.
ST warp core
Even had a laser light show overhead.  
Overall, we had a great time though felt rushed.


We will have to do this again...

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