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 We flew down to Las Vegas in October on one of those vacation package deals, we paid the flight and they paid for the room.

To preview the Hilton Grand Vacation Club, which we did buy into.


Had a great time, Las Vegas is definitely an adult Disneyland.

Hotels were huge, opulent, and decadent in both size and decorations.

We actually ran out of time sight-seeing, there is so much to see. Though we did get some gambling in.

LV Exteriors 01
     Hard to imagine the number of rooms available, the hotels are huge. Built on a grand scale, each trying to outdo each other with the exhibits and shows.

Truly decadent.

Our room at the Flamingo was actually nicer than the room the kids had at the newer Excalibur.

Our room service was excellent, we enjoyed our stay. 

 New York New York - the red line is a roller coaster, no thank you.
   1/3 scale Statue of Liberty at New York New York.    
  A whole 4 floors dedicated to M&M paraphernalia. Caesar's probably had the most art pieces overall, the Venetian had the most painting, etc.
Coka-cola store, there is a rock face inside the bottle for rock climbers.    One of the monorails stops at the Luxor, you enter the hotel between the Sphinx's feet.  


Each has their own theme and no expense was spared.

Didn't make it inside, time limits just got me to the outside.

Even still, the outside was pretty impressive.

The canals start outside but wind through the ground floor of The Venetian. Pedestrians walk along the canals inside for the shops.

Luxor entrance
Ryan and Rima joined us, this is the Mirage Volcano inactive.

This was my first time with my new camera, so some of the pictures are a bit fuzzy, out of focus.

Learning curve has increased since.

Caesar's, art everywhere
The volcano at The Mirage, lights in the water, and ignited gas give the impression of erupting and flowing lava.
  15 minute shows
Dolphins at the Mirage
They staged an outdoor show of a pirate ship loading at port fighting off a British Man-o-war.
The British man-o-war coming around the bend, actually sinks at the end of the battle.
LV Exteriors 02
The Mirage, lots of water everywhere, this whole area lights up with the volcano show.

Lots of free road side shows.

Caesar's Forum entrance

Caesar's, their building ANOTHER tower in front as tall as the back one.

We actually got lost inside.

The new strip, Eiffel Tower 1/3 scale. Belagio's before the water show, with water front shops in the desert. The `lagoon' was huge.
Belagio promenade Belagio water to music show.

Walkways over many streets really cuts down the pedestrian traffic problems.

Jokers wild Venetian watchtower  
For rent... Venetian facade
Talk about ornate, wait until you see the inside ceilings.
Venetian griffin
  Caesar - Mirage   A different view of Caesar's

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