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Griffin PNP

During my time in the Navy, based in Oakland, Yosemite was almost a `second' home. Even from Tahoe I made a few trips down. The only time of year I hadn't been there was during winter. I'll never forget the first trip in, arriving during the night and waking up to those soaring canyon walls produced a sustained ahhhhh. . .

The Valley itself is a wondrous place. First time there arrived after dark, woke up to soaring landscapes. El Capitan has rock climbers, Half Dome has a trail up its backside.

The Giant Staircase is Vernal and Nevada Falls, an all day hike. There are many different trails in the side `valleys!'

It took a whole weekend and six rolls of film to figure out the correct setting for Yosemite.

Shot with the camera on automatic settings and the sky would always come out white.

Chimney Spire, usual occurrence with the water running through the granite. El Capitan
Tuolome Meadows


The eastern entrance into Yosemite.

Nevada Falls, I've sat at the top, part of the Giant Staircase Mirror Lake, filling in with silt, controversy over whether to dredge it out. Rainbow Falls
Vernal Falls from the trail to Nevada Falls Yosemite Falls, upper and lower
Nancy at Half Dome
Everywhere you look you can see the sheering force of glaciers.
West Tunnel entrance Three Brothers
You'd think a giant chisel had been at work here.
Montery Pines are very opportunistic. My original camper.
Battleship rock Valley overview
  The cutaway really shows how granite is slabbed.    
Yosemite is known for its geological wonders, its harsh birth created a beautiful land.


Rich in ground soil, it produced a rich ecosystem to rival its landscape.

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