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Griffin PNP


Grew up almost within walking distance of Disneyland.

I remember when `admission' was $2.50 and we would go in and spend all day either in the arcade or playing hide and seek on Tom Sawyers island.

Those were the days...

In the Haunted Mansion ride. Even the landscaping is whimsical.
Whose a big-bad-wolf?   Everywhere special touches to detail.
Monorail from a gondola
Goes whose coming to dinner?   Sleeping Beauties castle Details again
Never did really figure out if the canoes were on tracks?

This is Tom Sawyers Island, where we spent many a day playing here.

It's a Small World
Who else?   Jungle ride The most adventurous ride in the park, when first opened.

People still climb it.

Jungle ride animation was fairly advanced for it's day. Many a concert at this elevator bandstand.
Monorail at night, sleek for the times.
Parades for every season, event. Whimsical parade Entry to the Magic Kingdom Haunted Masion, southern style
Marching Bands
Hot springs - replaced by new Frontier train ride Tomorrowland - lots of changes, I miss the House of Tomorrow
Dancing trees
One of our favorite bridges on Tom Sawyers island
Frontierland main street
Sleeping Beauties castle Climber at top
The summer electric parade
Space mountain
Disneyland is for the fun at heart regardless of ages.

Though I knew it inside and out, including many of the background areas I've never tired of it.

I am looking forward to some day visiting Disney World in Florida.

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