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Griffin PNP

We started the year off with our vacation, this year we flew down to Disneyland in California vs. Florida as I got to see my kids as well.

Flight both ways was uneventful.

Rented a van, heck for ten dollars a day more, it gave a lot more room and we're used to driving the larger vehicles anyway.

I had worked the night of our morning flight, so I wasn't raring to go but we managed.

First day was the group getting together and my getting in touch with family there.

We had the four day passes to Disneyland, rained two days but we still went in.

Breakfasts in Goofy's Kitchen a buffet every morning.

  Still had the Christmas stuff up, but started taking it down towards the end of the week.   This was the view from our balcony.
This is an interesting marketing concept, by taking out the parking lots for peripheral garages they were able to create this new space: Downtown Disney.

Shops, multiple restaurants and a movie theater. Parking for this section is free for three hours, promoting the locals to just hang out here.

We enjoyed the food for dinners, and the shopping.

Ta da, our suite was nice, though surprised they did not have a microwave? Steven's room through the doors. Looking back towards Disneyland Hotel from Downtown Disney shows how their tied together. The Californian was were we wanted to stay as it is directly in the new park section, but they had no suites available.
Made our space pretty quickly, Haley's dog.
The balcony outside the living room. All the other windows opened but they were only six inches wide to the railings. Our view down into the garden courtyard. The farther blue copula is the entrance to Goofy's Kitchen where we had most of our meals. Looking from our room towards Downtown Disney. That white splotch above the trees on the right is Space Mountain which was closed.
After rain in Southern California this is what we came home, topped my vacation!   The entrance to the Californian from inside the park.
We had a good time, the hotel (though I am leery of heights) was very comfortable and met our needs pretty well.

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