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Griffin PNP

The core group left from Seattle, Patricia and I with the two grandchildren: Haley 5 and Steven 14.

They had a wonderful time, Steven was able to go off and do the rides no one else wanted to a couple of days.

And then it was a different type of fun with Haley. "No, it's not a scary ride!" Even when it was.

Patricia's sister Cindy and Maurice flew in the same day we did, same hotel and all.

My daughter Sheri lives a few miles from Disneyland, so she joined us for a couple of dinners. Driving us down to see my son Sean's new place and dinner in San Diego. My sister Pam drove up to have dinner with us, a good group for dinner company.

Patricia, Cindy and Haley with Stitch Maurice, Cindy, Patricia and Haley in our hotel room.

The typical sunset behind them.

   Haley with Max With Donald  
 The monorail saved us a lot of walking    Got to spend the whole day alone with her the first day  Her favorite ride overall  
Patricia, Cindy, Haley and Steven enjoying a spot of tea Who, me? I know their walkin' away but it was the only shot that I got all of them in.
I always feel the best `people' shots are candid, when the don't know your shooting.
Quiet moments too... Hey, we're from Seattle what's a little water?
Sean, Sheri, Randy and Pam. Got together with my family for dinner.
Patricia was enjoying one of the traveling bands.
The younger ones made the trip, Patricia and I both had family reunions as well.
New Orleans art corner, where we get our portraits done.

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