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Calif 95
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Ca. 95 Disney

Ca 95 Oregon

Ca 95 Redwoods

Ca 95 Carson City

Ca 95 San Francisco



We drove to San Diego (we ain't doing that again, drive down that is, flying for long distance from now on), mostly to meet family on both sides, but did a bit of sight seeing along the way.

Took us a whole week, but we did make a few side trips and overnight stops.

Just the highlights, as I shot six rolls of film.


Our side trips included:

For fun: Disneyland, Oregon Coast, California Redwoods.

For family: San Francisco and San Diego.

For friends and fun: Tahoe and Reno.

Even though Kathleen thought we would leave her home by herself (yeah, right) and therefore was grumpy most of the trip we had fun overall.

One of my last trips with Shantree...

Ca. 95 Disney
Goofy gas   Completing our down-leg of the trip into San Diego, me to see my kids, Patricia to meet my mother. A straight shot back home, which convinced us, any further trips to SD will be flown.

Actually our last side trip was to Disneyland shown first here.

Mostly just included the new Toon Town pics here as I have another section dedicated to old Disneyland pictures.

Even though Kathleen wasn't feeling well (mostly didn't really want to be there) we had fun anyways! Patricia and Kathleen in toontown
Toon Town was mostly exhibits, goofy buildings and such.
Ca 95 Oregon
The Oregon coast is much prettier than ours, or California's.

Very rugged coastlines, more out-croppings than true beaches.

California and Washington have broader sandy beaches, Oregon has steeper cliffs and in the water rocks jutting up.

What a place to live! Wonder if they ever get tired of listening to the surf?
One of my favorite capture shots of Kathleen.

I love telephoto lenses, so that you can get further back to get more candid shots when people don't know your taking their photos their more natural.

Pictures of people on the other side of a room (during social gatherings) come out more casual.

Ca 95 Redwoods
    These were single wood pieces fairly nicely carved.
We stopped at the Redwoods in Northern California as our first break in driving.

Camped and explored for a day.

Llama carving
Closeups can give a distorted depth of field, careful placing can create a dream-like photo.

Nature shots are always my favorites any ways.

This is a good shot of how the camper opened up. You could stand up inside and it slept four comfortable.

I was surprised that the company went out of business and didn't make more. Though they were expensive for a camper shell, they were so versatile and useful.



We had a whole tribe of raccoons at our campsite begging that night.

Eerie driving through a living tree.


Ca 95 Carson City
Made a quick side trip up to Tahoe, Reno and Carson City, leaving Kathleen in Calif.

Saw some old friends, a little gambling, but mostly sight-seeing.

Found the most interesting thing at Carson City was `boot hill!'

Lived at Tahoe for four years but had never made it there.

Reno overview
Ca 95 San Francisco
We stayed over in the San Francisco area for Patricia's family (dinner and introductions) and also local area sights/museums.


It was a typical California dry summer, still pretty in its own way.

I love these framing type shots. They usually produce more interested photos, creating a frame for the subject.
Met a lot of Patricia's brothers and families.

John and Sherry's kids with Kathleen.

My favorite two ladies.

Patricia and Shantree at Sherry's

The family get together for dinner, and this was just the Northern California bunch.
We made it into the SF Natural Museum.
We think this was a Starling, unusual coloring. Dodos

Not a relative!

At least not my side of the family!

A long trip, too far to drive anymore. The only redeeming factors were the side trips we made to see points of interest. From now on flying and a rental at the other end for any long distance trips.

Except for the driving we had a fairly good time.

Tried to visit a few new places/sights/routes that we wouldn't get the chance to again.


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