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Welcome...our 1st pics from our new home in Pasco, WA. About 4 hours from Monroe, over the mountains. This house is going to suit us much better in retirement. Much smaller than the Monroe home, it has no stairs which is a big plus.
By the time I got around to getting the 1st pics, we have had 3 light storms. But, this is the front of the house. Closer... The ubiquitous landmark of Pasco, the water towers are visible half an hour out on the road. Yes, we are still moving in. 3/4 unpacked though, it was to the ceiling and no aisles.  
Our first project, getting ready for the dogs, had a new fence/gate put in. We moved the shed on the corner of the house to the lot back corner and put in a new wire fence/gate at the corner. Giving the dogs a 35 foot run when the gate is closed. Y2K was the slowest to learn the new dog door I put in, Max had used one before, it's large enough for Kathy. Replaced all the door hardware with the brushed bronze style. New eye peep behind the wreath.  
The dogs have adjusted well, Max probably the hardest as he had always been an indoor dog. They have 4 new beds covered in layers of blankets. The laundry room is much smaller, but more accessible for Patricia being on the same floor. From the front door, living room on the left, laundry on the right, kitchen at back on left then dining room to family room on right that the master is off of. Haley helping with early Christmas wrapping in the living room. Ceilings are vaulted so there are plenty of high ledges for displays.
Our usual Christmas town set out. We have just started putting pictures up. Living and entry from dining room. Though we put a TV in the LR it is primarily music and reading. The kitchen is smaller than we're used to, but open, large pantry, eating overhang for the kids. Dishwasher is probably going to be the first upgrade. The family room is our TV room, note minimal chairs. Our master is off this room.
The master with bath is on one side, with the two other beds on the other side of the house. My third of the walk-in closet. Master bath. Patricia found a place for her hanging Boops. The pommels I put in, replacing all the drape hardware in the master, family and kitchen. To replace the LR when we take down the tree this year.
More ledges in the master. Yes, the doll is mine, side note that the glass case cost 2/3rds again what the doll did. The rear "deck" is a 10X10 concrete pad. Our first summer project, larger wood deck with overhead coverage. Yard is large enough for the dogs to roam when not in their run, and small enough not to be hard to mow. Corner of the house with the new wire fence. Back corner hot tub.
The old dog run, was not large enough for our three. But is OK for storage. From right to left, my office, kitchen, dining room and family room windows. Yes, it is a bright red, but designers say that red is a color that goes with everything. My office, this desk is for bills and writing. Then my computer and video work hub.
Just put these in to brag, no measuring tape or level to put them up, by eye alone. The guest bathroom is smaller than our but functional. If you enlarge, it's for the pics on the wall: upper left is me as a baby. My view from the office.  
The guest room. Patricia's i.e.: the kids games station.      
Alright, so here's some pics WITHOUT snow on the ground...
Shows the flow of the house and the fences we put in where. The front without snow. To match the new fence on the other side replaced the wood one here. The back yard towards the hot tub.
You can see where the OLD fence was, took that out and a new one next to the meter. Moved the shed to the back corner, and put in the chain link on the corner of the house where it sat. Just thought the pose was so cute, then realized probably the warmest spot in the yard next to the hot tub! Ah, come on, let us in, please. Max has adjusted fairly well considering he had always been an indoor dog prior to the move.
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