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The welcome sign is out, I even replaced the door bell below it (another of the mini fixes I've had to do). Part of the water sports of the area, Max checked it out, but only Kathy was interested in participating.
    The hot tub is still a favorite. This is one batch of many out of the gardens, we've given away more than we've eaten.
Rearranged the living room with the new coffee table. Made the family room over into basic black. We sold off the tan recliners, they were too deep, three of these work much better. Patricia working on her new laptop, multiple projects.
Ah, please let me in... Finally got our new frame with head and foot boards.  
Patricia has been expanding her Sarah Moon collection, getting samples from overseas, as well as local.
You can just make out the sunflower 3/4 up the tree. And Haley pulling it down to her level. Patricia found two of those old children plastic pools, one for the kids by the hot tub, and one for the dogs, which Kathy loves splashing in. Just late summer yard pics.
The roses got very leggy. To gauge the wind here the base is full of water, I have to lean into to shift it at all. Well, the wind toppled it over and dragged it half way across the yard. Went to a day bed in the spare room which opened up the floor space. When Ryan and Megan were here last, found it was a little small for two, so got an inflatable that filled the floor space but was much more comfortable for two.
I finally got my flagpole, found it on eBay for $16.00 oppossed to the hundreds I've seen elsewhere. I'm going to have to put more concrete at the base, secondary to the wind again. Kids enjoyed painting rocks for a project. A praying mantis, we had a crop of small frogs one week. The garage field mice seem to have all cleared out though.
Probably the last major project of the year, we pulled out the brass edging and put in concrete edging in the front.  
Patricia's new old toy, bought from the neighbor, for 270,000 miles it works quite well for moving Patricia's furniture projects around. Currently sitting in the driveway with our newer washer/dryer in the bed. We replaced the dishwasher last month. Refrigerator next. Our street with the water towers at the end...

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