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Most of our "changes" are in the yard this year. The "yard" is now Patricia's main hobby, and it is starting to show already. Most of our work this year has been adding plants, planters and rearranging areas.
The tree and tall bush are original, we've added the other plants. Moved the shed to the back corner. Our first willow, new dirt on top of the gravel with rocks from the other planters to form the boundary. Most of the planters we've added another layer of bricks with dirt to fill in. Look at those strawberries! This side of the yard ended up getting two layers of bricks to level out. We've gotten several crops of broccoli off that bush already.
Built a planter in the protected area for specialty growths. This planter was "dead" when we moved here. These planters had no bricks at all. Roses by the door. New charcoal BBQ and new/used smaller table for the deck are working out fine.
The only 'change' we've done in the front is make this planter, as it has to be hand watered, our cacti garden transplanting cactus from around the yard. Just the 'original' plants coming to full bloom for the season.

The front looks pretty much the same, as it is, except for plants blooming... The new fence position for the dog run. I've pretty much replaced most of the original window treatments, they were all attached incorrectly to the walls. Patricia found these at a garage sale their great in both bathrooms.
Little by little we are bringing our knick-knacks in from the garage... Patricia's Betty Boop collection. ...and new old stuff. Coffee pots.
And more pots.. My work station in full bloom. Rearranging pictures, Me, Sheri & Sean, my old work group, Haley & Tyler, and then my Navy medals. Patricia thinks I need plants in my room with that view. A rainbow from my office...
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