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This year we moved all the black gravel from the East side of the drive to fill in the planters on the West side. The annuals are coming back in really well. The good stuff stayed with us. And then moved all the pea gravel from the back yard to fill in where we took the black gravel from.
After the last wind storm you could not see the flag as the pole was blown over to the left. Had to put down six rebar and reconcrete the base to stand up to the wind. An allegory for the USA, thought we were strong enough, get knocked over to find out we needed a stronger base to stand tall and proud again. The Lady of the Garden... Patricia picked up a bunch of sink granite cutouts from a guy going out of business and we've placed them around the yard as stepping stones.   Also, moved almost all of the BIG black rocks to the front yard as well.
Just more of the finished black rock work... Such a simple design, we've had a few ask if it was for sell.
Other victims of the wind, the umbrella has a water base (I can't hardly move it) but it has been dragged across the back yard. And the BBQ has been rolled over and over across the yard as well, thus the rocks. Strawberries are growing back in well... Herb garden at the back door...  
        Just waiting for this year's crop to be put in...
Butterflies back to the back wall. Hummer at the front.  
Some of Patricia's handiwork, The first bonsai we've been able to keep alive and growing (controlled growth that is). Glassware around the house.  
And knick-knacks. How many people still have coat racks? More glassware, knick-knacks and the new plasma TV. Family back into a viewing room.
More glassware... Downsized the entertainment center to half size and new LCD, gradually upgrading the TV systems to flat screens throughout the house.    
This years big back yard project: finishing the design to the corner shed planter. The pea gravel went to the front, and replaced with bark and white accent gravel. More plants placed, retainer barrier and gray planter stones.
  More granite to make the shed walkway... The lone pine tree.  
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We are in the flight path, but we hardly hear any from inside.        

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