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Cars to me, are like another form of art! It is as interesting to walk around the floors of a car show as it is a museum.
Motorcycles are a whole different realm, but three wheel "vehicles" are classified as motorcycles as far as licensing and insurance.
Panteras' where always my favorite, probable also because they were the most reachable price-wise.

My Vehicles

The only option I didn't get on it was the switch controlling the passenger side mirror.
My first Toyota pickup, and my Fiero, loved that car. Purchased another a few years ago but gave it up as it was just too hard to get in and out of at my age. Still fun to drive once in it.
Pictures below are not all of the actual vehicles I've owned but fairly close representations.
1969 coronet
My very first car, 1964 Ford Falcon white with a blue convertible top. Little 4-banger with three on the column. 1964 Mustang, mom's car but drove as mine for quite a time before the Falcon. Mine was a lighter green. 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T. Monster 440 V8, needing tuning every three months. Power everything. The left shows the engine and full roof, my top was black leather. Right is an exact match except for being a convertible and no rear spoiler: hood and side scoops and front grille, with tail stripe. Both right color. We paid Just over $6,000 in '69, around $72,000 today. 1974 Chevy Vega.
Actually the first car I paid for, paid off, and the first one I really appreciated.
The Dodge camper van I had. Had another one which I think was a Chevy, that I converted the interior myself to a camper.
My second Toyota pickup with the camper open. 1984 Jeep Grand Cherokee, favorite year for Jeeps. Mine was light gray with dark skirts. 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee my second one. My 3rd Toyota pickup, treaded in when I got uncomfortable not having a 4X4. Mine was a tan prerunner. My 2004 Grand Cherokee.
Course, have had two more Jeeps and two Chevys since above...

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