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Griffin PNP


It is the responsibility of the individual to determine what is right      God will judge us individually not as part of a group, we know right and wrong. We have to take personal responsibility for our own actions, beliefs and followings. There may be factors that directed you towards making a choice, but it is still YOU making the choice, and it is when we accept responsibility for our own deeds and thoughts that we grow as individuals, and advance as enlightened human beings.
      I get so tired of hearing people say they never had a chance because their parents or siblings, neighbors or friends, were such-and-such, you are you, not the people in your life or the past. Wah-wah, get over it and start living, drop the load of carrying the past around with you. Nobody is holding you back but you, start developing the person YOU want to be!
     Our times seem to dictate blaming someone or something else for the way our lives are, or for things that happen. Get over it and get on with your life, quit placing the blame elsewhere. Chose to be yourself, and accept the responsibilities that go along with being you.
      I am sorry that some will disagree with me in my belief that there are few reasons that sanction a wrong action/deed: ignorance and self-defense being the only primary reasons. Being innocent by reason of insanity is an oxymoron. Obviously, nobody in their right mind commits mass murders for pleasure, but it should not be an excuse. I've always felt, you've either done the crime or your innocent, the reason for 'doing' it should only be considered during sentencing not as determining your 'guilt'. Even the Bible says an eye-for-an-eye!
     Your background, either in religion or home-life is not a valid excuse either. We all have had less than perfect childhoods, but their are many who have had rotten upbringing and do not resort to being criminally inclined or anti-social. You learn from your past and grow beyond it, or you wallow in it, the choice and consequences are yours to chose. You chose to be the person you are. Once you reach a certain point in life, you can make the decisions to continue carrying the burdens of the past around with you, or let them go, and grow beyond them.
     So, it comes down to the fact that you decide the way your going to be, live and act. You are solely responsible for your decisions and actions, own up to them. If you don't know your responsibilities, it's about time you started learning...


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