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Griffin PNP


to promote freedom of religion      This is a factor I have never been able to fully understand. The intolerance of otherwise religious people, my own religion that I grow up in included. Wars have been fought between different religions, but, I am totally blown away that some fight because they belong to different sects of the same religion.
     Take the situations in the middle east and our Sept. 11th, the radical factions not only hate us, but they also hate each other, even if the other believes/practices the same religion, but differently. This hate is of such a kind that I think the 'haters' have forgotten WHY they hate!
     I find it very hard to believe that Allah/God would let you into heaven BECAUSE you did acts of violence in his name, quite the opposite! I can't fathom how people feel that their actions are condoned and even admirable, even if their victims were devil-worshippers instead of just average 'different' people, calling their acts religious is unpardonable.
     You may hate someone, or even a group of people, but that does not make it right or should be condoned acting/being an animal. Life is learning to be above the baser instincts/actions.
     Allah/God is love and forgiveness.
     And s/he expects no less from us!
     From love and forgiveness comes tolerance. Once we learn tolerance, we can put aside our petty indifferences. You can love someone without liking them or their actions/beliefs, it's I'm OK, your different but still OK philosophy.
     To me 'love thy neighbor as thyself' is a fundamental axiom of a true religion, discrimination and intolerance is not a religious way of living. And we'll not get beyond our basic natures until we can resolve this issue.
     The lesson here is that I believe a certain way which works for me, I do NOT expect (or demand) that anyone believe the same. We all have our own paths to follow through life, if it works for you (and allows the rest of us to be ourselves), bravo and continue, I will support your right to your path! Believe in something and follow it is my only criteria for everyone. I have as much a right to my belief system, as you do to yours...

     They are neither inclusive nor exclusive...


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