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Do Right
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Griffin PNP


to do that which is right      The part of this that I think most people miss is the word "do", as in active vs. passive. Yes, to avoid doing wrong is important, and God wants us to not be 'bad' people. But, more than that, to be 'good' we have to be ACTIVELY DOING good deeds, not JUST abstaining from wrong deeds.
      Religion and the way of God is action, to follow a way of living that embodies the doctrine of our beliefs. Yes, their are certain things that we know and should not do, as they are inherently 'wrong!' But, it is just as 'wrong' to not do something that needs doing!
     This will not always make for a comfortable or safe life, and most martyrs would tell you living a good life is very hard, filled with hard choices. Facing these 'hard' choices and doing the 'right' thing is what causes our spiritual growth.
     To become true religious people we need to do and accomplish, not just hope and aspire.
     To become better we have to be better than we are, actively striving for perfection we will never obtain, but continue to try for. Our job here on Earth is to become good enough to pass on to the next plane of existence, not to bide our time. Religions are not just worship, but lessons and plans for living.

     This is all ACTIVE, get off your butt and start DOing!

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