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My History

     I guess I can say that back in Jr. High was when I first became disillusioned with my religious upbringing. Raised as a Lutheran, I found in time that it was too formalized, too ritualistic, answers were formulated on faith alone. Bible study was more for memorization than discussions of what was meant by that or this parable. My doubts were even more so as I believed that the cloak of beliefs were left at the door upon leaving the church by a lot of the parishioners. Whether a falsehood on behalf of a pre-adolescents poor perceptions or not, it lead me to explore other alternatives.
     I read the Koran, several Far East doctrines, Tao, Buddhism, The Bible, even the Satanic Bible (you have to know your enemy) and American Indian, in my attempt to find answers I could live with. Over a long period of time, I formulated my own beliefs, which ended up being a conglomeration of most of what I had read and studied.
     I know, I know, I can just see some shaking their heads now. But, through everything I read and researched there are certain grains of consistency. A basic truth does not change, regardless of who says it, or how it is written, it only changes in how it is interpreted.
So, what are these basic truths I found:

Mankind is meant to be better than it is!

God has faith in us being able to be better than we are!

God loves us anyways!

That's it. . .

     All the rest is trappings, window-dressings, and interpretations to meet an individual or groups needs and wants.
     Yes, we have great books declaring the Word of God, they are blueprints and suggestions on how and why to achieve the above. No matter what language they are written in, nor religion that follows them, they all say basically the same thing: live the best life you can to prepare yourself to join God when you pass from this world.
     I am still a Lutheran, but (hopefully) I am much more than just that.
     I have joined the Universal Life Church to gain my ordination, but, also because many of their basic precepts ring true with me. As follows:

One world. . .one people. . .one future!

     All are ordained in the work of spreading the word (whatever that word is perceived to be) but for the asking as foretold in the Bible.



The Universal Life Church has only two basic tenets (beliefs/doctrine) - to promote freedom of religion and to do that which is right.
It is the responsibility of the individual to determine what is right as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others and is within the law.

Thus, I have taken on a mantle to proclaim my beliefs.


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