Live Life!
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Live Life!
One World


Griffin PNP


Live Life!

     This is what I feel we are here for: to Live Life to the fullest. To enjoy the fruits of existence or reality, to create memories and experiences.
     Of course that does NOT include:
  • overindulgence
  • cruelty
  • breaking God's laws
  • or harm to self or another
     Overindulgence includes substances and activities. This includes the seven deadly sins. We are meant to enjoy the things that God has provided us, not to abstain but yes to control our consumption to a point. That point is a grey line to cross over, but most know when they've crossed it.
     Cruelty to others is a sin as well. Whether human or animal. Verbal or physical.
     Breaking God's laws is not the ten commandments, but the laws of nature, though it may include the ten commandments. God's laws involve the kind of person you are and can become. Whether you are actively trying to become the best person (soul) you can be, or not. It's HOW you are living your life, what rules you follow, what your internal make-up consists of. The path you follow, the choices you make. 
     Harm to self or another is a wasteful sin. This includes overindulgence and cruelty. It includes physical, verbal, emotional and financial abuses.
     So, enjoy that glass or two of wine with a good dinner, just don't make it a bottle or two. This is an euphemism for anything you do. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed not abstained from

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