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Griffin PNP



     I have no more acquaintance or knowledge of God than you do, but here are my thoughts:
     God is unnamable and unknowable! I believe "GOD" is spirit, the force of nature, a part of "GOD" is in EVERY living thing. Once you name him/her/it you place God into a niche, removing and separating God from everything living. The 'soul' is the living seed of God placed in all life, for only God knows why! I believe death is the doorway to reunite with the greater soul of God.
     I believe in heaven and hell, but not in the traditional sense. Heaven is the rejoining (note the rejoin vs. join) with God. Hell is reincarnation until we have learned or experienced what we need to be ready for the transition. 
     Think of it as, diamonds come from coal, when we arrive here we are coal when we become diamonds we are ready to go home to God. If we are still rough stones, we come back to further polish by life and living. We are each here for a reason, I hope it is to learn or experience life to bring something new back to the greater gestalt.
     So, for myself, I don't want to name this greater spirit and be separated, whether I'm ready or not I want to go home.
     There is no name that is definitive, because once defined we assume we know all. How can you possible name something of God's magnitude?
     But, if you must have a name to focus your worship remember that it is not all defined within a name.
     Another name game: man's first 'friend' and companion in our journeys through life was the Dog. Dog reversed is God, now whom did we name first, which one receives the honor of emulating the other?
     To presume we (anyone, not limited to religious leaders) knows God, what God wants, or what God wants us to do is a bit too presumptive for me. That's why most religious dogmas turn me off, they assume they KNOW the Word of God. Null and void, if the Word of God is anywhere in this existence it is in DNA. Not in petty words or beliefs, it is much grander than that...
     So, after all the disclaimer, what do I feel God is? God is life, living in each of us, experiencing and growing beyond our comprehension. I believe each of us is a part of God, has a part of God in us, but are NOT God-like. Each is a single cell/neuron in the mind of God, sent here with free will to shape our 'souls' to experience life and living, and yes dying, to bring all those feelings back home when we die. When I say 'us' I don't mean just humans, I mean all life in every form and on all planets throughout the universe.

     God is so full of experiences, living and knowledge that God is unfathomable beyond our imagination.


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