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Live Life!
One World


Griffin PNP




We do not choose to be born,
We do not choose our parents.

We do not choose our historical epoch,
     or the country of our birth, or the
     immediate circumstances of our 

We do not, most of us, choose to die;
     nor do we choose the time or 
     of our death.

But, within all this realm of 
     we do choose how we shall live:
     courageously or in cowardice,
     honorably or dishonorably,
     with purpose or adrift.

We decide what is important and
     what is trivial in life.

We decide that what makes us 
     is either what we do,
     or what we refuse to do.

But, no matter how indifferent
     the universe may be to our choices
     and decisions, these choices and 
     are ours to make.

We decide. . .
We choose. . .

And as we decide and choose,
     so are our lives formed. . .

Joseph Epstein - Secret Passion


     Life is full of changes, that's the point of the whole thing, we are faced with changes to make choices. To learn to make good ones, and to learn from the bad ones. Making choices affirms our humanity, making the RIGHT ones confirms our spirituality. Our growth is encompassed in life and how we live it. . .

     I am a believer in "what if?" Alternative histories, change by choices. That every choice we face in life, no matter how simple, is a crossroads to our futures.

     Saying "yes" instead of "no!" Turning one direction over the other, even staying in bed an extra ten minutes, all can affect your life and the path it takes. Every decision all day long is action at a cusp, forever changing you, the situation and ultimately the world.

     Where would you be today if you had made the other choice(s)?

     I am also a firm believer of what goes around comes around! Although, I'll jokingly say "I'm still waiting for mine to come around!" This is based in The Golden Rule, live your life as though what you put out and do will come back around someday. A smile can change another's outlook at that moment, pass it on or it STOPS with you...

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