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Griffin PNP

I made it down to Sheri's College graduation, good time seeing family.

But most of all very proud of my "little" girl!

Way to go Sheri...

Whatever age, kids will be kids, when celebrating/happy.
General commencement out on the field, before retiring to the tents for each department. Talk about a big screen TV! With friends...
Family: Sean, Dad, Sheri, Mom and Pam. Campus legend is to kiss it before tests for good luck.  
I've forgotten the actual specifics, but: the sash is for overall high grade average, one of the medallions is for school honors and the other is for department honors (I think?)!
Who, me? Happy to be there, and proud of the accomplishment. Yeah!
Finally I'm out-a-here!
School logo Prologue
Very special once in a lifetime event.

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Home Up Mosley Grandchildren Family Get Togethers Weddings

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