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Griffin PNP
Sheri Lee Koller, first born to Nancy and I. December 22, 1979.
No matter what age they grew to, as parents we always remember them as this age.  
  With cousin Andrea With Grandma. With Aunt Marlys.
With Mom. With the original Shantree. At Tahoe  
The grating was to keep the dogs out, not the kids!
Sheri has been into dance for many years. With Dad. One of my favorites.
That chair was a masterpiece made by her great-granfather. With Andrea, I never have gotten this relationship right, Andrea is my niece, so that makes her Sheri's cousin (right?).
High School prom
Parents get even by saving these kind of pictures.
Quiet time with Dad
Oreo's are my favs too...
Did a stint of acting
Except for hair color, Haley (the grandchild from Patricia) reminds me so much of Sheri at the same age that I have a hard time remembering to not call Haley Sheri.

Not one over the other just close enough alike to blur memories with the reality now.

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