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Griffin PNP

Koller is my father.  

 Thorson is my mother.

Grandma Thorson's family Grandma Thorson as a child with her family

I was told I have the names correct.

Thorson clan `37 My Mom, the family resemblance to Pam (my sister) at the same age is remarkable
Aunt Marlys sitting on Grandma's lap with Grandpa behind
Grandma Koller Grandma and Grandpa Thorson at our house in Garden Grove The Koller clan
That's me on the right in front of Grandma Thorson Mom with her parents Mom and Marlys All of us in `58
Sean's middle name is my first name, family tradition, he is the fifth generation to carry the father's first name as his middle name.
Dad with us three kids: Pam, Brad and I. Dad with my two kids: Sheri and Sean. Yep, that's Dad.
  I must've been taking the picture. Mom, Dad, Pam and Brad. Mom and Dad
With friends, looks like late 60's or early 70's.
Mom with my kids.
Mom with her dogs, we took Charlie the cocker after she passed on. Pam found a home for Tristen the terrier.
Mom and Pam I think this is Mom as a baby.
  Mom in High School This one is either of Pam or Mom, they looked so alike at this age it is hard to tell their pictures apart. Yep, that's me with my parents.
Sadly, one of the few times family gets together is funerals.
Mom's brothers and sister: Skip, Dewey, Marlys and Darryl. Pam and Sheri Pam and I. Sheri with an Uncle.
Sean and I formost carrying Mom's casket. She had a lovely service and a lot of friends showed as well as family. Brad with an Uncle.
Even though Dad was cremated and scattered we added his name to the marker.

The box is Charlie's ashes that I brought down years later.


We picked the spot because of the shade tree.
Though I now no longer have any direct in-line ancestors still living, there are numerous extended family.

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Home Up Mosley Grandchildren Family Get Togethers Weddings

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