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Pretty much have converted everything to pdf format.


Currently have several eBook 'readers' in the house, mostly Android, Nooks, even a Kindle. No Apple products as yet.
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So, what's with the GPNP?

GPNP = Griffin Projects and Publications

Griffin is one spelling of my favorite mythological animal: body of a lion with the head, wings and forelegs of an eagle, see the larger pictures of thumbs above. The image on my business logo is a B&W image that I've had since High School, awaiting the ability to scan and color.

I collect Wolves and Dragons though as my main interests. Griffins were a total myth, though it is the symbol I use for my business logo.

Unlike Dragons, which I believe existed at one time, that we drove into extinction (if you keep in mind that 90% of all species ever existing have gone extinct in Earth's timeline, you can imagine them as having existed). Imagine the Komodo Dragon with wings.

There is a great movie by the Animal Channel, Dragon's World done as a fantasy docudrama, very well done exploring a dragon carcass find. Explains dragon's evolution as different types through the ages, in a believable presentation.

About Links on my site

There are always exceptions to every rule, but, basically I've tried to make the majority of the hyperlinks to open in the same window. Photos to open in new windows. I'm still searching for the code to make hyperlinks take the page properties open _top, and make photos only _blank. A work in progress.
Pages will all have specific for that sub-web and general navigation buttons for each sub-web at bottom.
The zip files will open as a dialog, select save to disk and open them from your own hard drive (they are all scanned clean as I created them). PDF's open in a new window, you will need Adobe's Reader, save the PDF to disk once opened.
Originally, I used and loved FrontPage (fp) 98-2003, then Microsoft discontinued it, switching to Expression Web (EP) 2-4, which they eventually discontiued as well. My new laptop is 64 bit so I can't install 32 bit FP on it. Instead, I am using EP4 on my laptop for basic, and FP 2003 on my 32 bit desktop for fine details, in EP4 not only are a lot of components not supported (photo galleries, I may have to just switch to all pdf files), but there is a moderate learning curve for me to EP4. Continues to be a work-round-in progress web site. Also, my web host says I am using too much (or more than the average) space on my "unlimited" (I love the way all services tend to want to "limit" their unlimiteds! So, if you see something you like or want, grab it while it is still on-line.
Library:  My eBooks (and I mean mine): Inspirational (except religious and government books that are public domain, not mine), Humor, and My Writings, etc.
I tried sharing Public Domain but got a court summons for copyright infringements. As, an example one of the books that was on the court summons (in New York) returned over 16,500 free downloads of it. It turned out to be too much work to differentiate between what is really in public domain or not.
A Star Trek Ships section included here.
Photo Albums: My general photo albums. Holidays, Pets, Patricia's Photo Pages, crafts, etc.
Family: Koller and Mosley specific photos, Weddings, and informational docs.
Places: Places Patricia and I have been, plus a few before we met (Tahoe, San Diego, etc.).
My Ministry: My ministry, affiliation and beliefs. Religion and life in general, thoughts and essays.
Area 51: added back in, repository for my favorite programs mostly.

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I have attempted in good faith to present items either of original content or believed to be solidly in the public domain. . .if I err, please advise me posthaste so I may remove the item!

Also, if any link is broken or points to the wrong file please let me know...


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