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January 2nd 2016 Sean
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OK, I think I've done as much to my newish Acer laptop that I plan to...
1st: I skinned all surfaces with a wolf skin. Inexpensive and quite nice looking. Looks nice and protects all surfaces. On Amazon, just type in laptop skins and your screen size.

Next switched to a bluetooth headphone.

Doubled the RAM from 8 to 16.

Then, and I think last, switched out my 2 internal hard drives:

replaced the 500 gb with a 1 tb, for storage, best overall choice (movies I watch are on my memory card, built in reader). Use the old 500 gb for USB storage.

replaced the 125 gb with a 500 gb for the C drive. which copied my operating system exactly, creating two hard drives, so the 346 gb D drive (partition that was created) is for my programs and a few movies. Kept the old C drive as a back up.

As a thought: if you are using HD drives, change them out to SSD's, the speed boost for loading programs is phenomenal.

Quite happy with the improvements so far and can't think of anything else to upgrade?


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