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Back in the day, way back, before IBM thought there would be a home market (boy did they miss that boat), I bought my first computer from Toys R Us because they were thought of as game consoles not computers. A Commodore 64 (which Nancy got in the divorce, wish I had now as it was such a classic). Still have my C128 upgraded from the C64. Bought the C64 because it had color, the only other available was the Macintosh which was only grey color scale. We got a magazine every month with programs to type in, where I learned basic programming. The Commodores were elegant machines, no registry to corrupt, wanted a program gone you just deleted it's folder, nothing left behind. Even Bill Gates thought they were wonderful machines. Just that Commodore had no marketing panache so they died out.

It wasn't until 20 years after the PC's hit the market that they had enough power to emulate the Amiga, and yes I have the emulation on my laptop.

Ok, so I've progressed through several programs over decades to get to the point I am at now.

Using three programs to get one thing done, my Web. Started with Front Page '98 up through FP 2004, loved the program.

Then when Microsoft discontinued FP all together picked up Microsoft Expression Web 2 through 4. Until Microsoft discontinued it. Seeing a pattern here...

Then recently picked up WYSIWYG Web Builder, hoping it would be more like FP.

Well, after all that, I still use all three, because not one of the three does everything in one package. They each have individual strengths, and weaknesses.

FP '04 on my desktop, because it is a 32 bit machine and I can't get it loaded on my new 64 bit laptop (I have since purchased a full 2003 FP which loaded and works on my laptop). In FP I can do photo galleries not allowed in EW 4, but, mostly because FP has a navigation mode to link pages and a few other things the newer EW can't do because of web standards, yada yada. So, I picked up WYSIWYG hoping to have a navigation structure, it does but it doesn't work directly on my web site like the other two. WYSIWYG does have the newer snazzy photo galleries.

And then I found a web gallery generator which works perfectly load into my web and use FP make a home page with links to the galleries.

But, still can not work directly on my web like I used to. Have to work on a disk based version then use Filezilla to upload changes.

So, I'm working back and forth between the programs to get one thing done.

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