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Griffin PNP
Where could I put Star Trek photos but in Area 51 originally, now moved and residing here? These are pretty much all the ships in the series. Now in the PDF versions I found that I could put sticky notes on each photo. So, when you see this image hover over it to see my notes.

2 types in list below, pdf obvious, no pdf after name is a photo slide gallery.

Yes, I am a full fledged trekkie. Though if I would be one of the characters it would be Mr. Spock. Now, show me the first 30 seconds of any of TOS (the original series) and I can tell you which episode it is. And a trivia buff of most things ST...
When we used to go to Las Vegas every other year, we always had to go through the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton.
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Of course, I have all the movies, the newest one is on order. My favorite action one was the 2nd one: Wraith of Khan. My all time favorite: The Voyage Home. They got to act like they did back in TOS, and the playful play on words was their forte.
Again a learning process, after adding notes and posting the pdf files, noted on viewing that putting my notes on the right that half my comments would be off screen to the right. So, I had to go back in and move the images to center or left side of images.
And the series:
TOS, (had to rely on acting, no cgi, special effects, cancelled several times because the network kept putting it in bad time slots. Only became popular after cancelled the last time and into syndication, then the fan base grew as it fell into a after school time slot),
The Next Generation more into cgi than acting or stories, would have been good if never seen TOS.
Voyager, (all time favorite, of the new series),
DS9 (didn't really care for),
Enterprise (what the first TOS could have been).
There are many other SciFi series (not counting the individual movies) that I have, and love, but my favorites are:

Star Wars, OK SW per se is not a series, unless you count all 9 episodes, the 2 Ewok movies and the animated Clone Wars series. I just have to mention it here
Babylon 5, was very good, for being basically a fixed space station, the series beat ST-DS9 hands down, no contest though.
Firefox (Serenity), corporate killed it after only one season, they didn't get it. Fans put up such a protest stink that they made the movie 'Serenity' to tie up all the loose ends. It had potential to beat out Star Trek.
Battlestar Galactica with Caprica, OK this one gets complicated, I have both of the original series and didn't like either one at all, too campy, poor acting and effects. Now, the newest BSG, was fantastic. Great series, kept you guessing and interested. Great ending. Then they came out with Caprica after BSG completed, which was a good series too, pre-BSG, leads up to the 12 colonies fall with the Cylons being created.

All-time favorite single movie would have to be the 1956 Forbidden Planet.

And all time favorite tv series though not SciFi, it is fantasy, with proper good looking dragons in it, is:

Game of Thrones.
I have the books, first few seasons followed the books well. A lot of intrigue, characterizations, in-fighting, drama, well written and well acted.

When Patricia is watching a movie on TV, I'm down to 5-10 seconds to recall it and name it.

Maybe, 1% or less that I have to ask her what she's watching, ends up that I myself haven't watched it.
I know every generation thinks they are discoverer's of everything new, I remembered when Patricia's boy came in all excited to tell us about a new musician that he had found and could hardly wait to tell us:
After we quite smirking, we agreed and had to tell him how long Jimmy Hendrix had been dead.

Anyway, there are movie (and music)  remakes coming out that the coming generations don't even realize ARE remakes, here are just a few with my comments:

Omega Man, I Am Legend, both good movies IF you hadn't seen the original 1971 OM which was the better of the two. In IAL I cry every time he gets to the spot where he has to kill his dog. Course I cried for the same reason when they had to put down Old Yeller in the movie of the same name. And when Bambi's mother gets shot and dies.
Day the Earth Stood Still, both of the same name, original came out the year I was born, 1951, in B&W. Original better.
War of the Worlds, both good. The 1951 original followed the book closer. Effects not bad for it's era. I liked the new one EXCEPT that the 'machines' had supposedly been buried before man came about, and the Martians themselves in body only came down the lightening into their machines, vs the old one where they come to Earth in their machines inside meteors. Without that one point I liked the newer one better.
Godzilla, hands down like the newer one better, story line was good, Godzilla was believable. I never could get into a man in a Godzilla suit stomping around a minature Tokyo.
The Time Machine, this one is a toss up, both were very good. Both good effects for their time.  The 1960 original followed the story closer, but acting and story line in both was very good.

Alright, my point here: they say (somewhere, don't remember where) that there is only so many plots (1, 3, 7, 20 or 36 depending on who you talk to) in literature, it's details that are changed from one story to another. Additional point, "there is nothing new under the sun, Horatio, except the way it is told." Get over it kids, many times you are just rediscovering something new that was old...

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