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For Christmas '99 I gave Patricia a Rocket eBook, but, as her proclivity is to paperbacks she never really took to it: so, I picked it up and started using it. And love it! Here are some sites of interest regarding eBooks. . .
I replaced it with a Reb 1100 in 2003 for a nominal fee as they no longer make them and were getting rid of stock.
eBooks or electronic books are simply manuscripts that have been converted to an electronic format, viewable on a multitude of devices rather than the printed page.

eBook Reader Devices

I have categorized the links below, even though some of them are broad based and carry over into other categories.
NuvoMedia is no longer making the Rocket eBook, it has been sold to and upgraded by RCA.


The Reb 1150 is the successor to the Rocket eBook.

Reb 1200

The Reb 1200 is the upgrade: includes color, increased memory and price.
 You can only get the above as used on eBay now. The two newest readers are the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader (click below to check them out.)



ECTACO jetBook

iRex Readers
Other devices include a multitude of PDA's (Palm Pilot and clones), Windows CE devices, eBookman, etc. 
I bought Patricia a Barnes and Noble Nook (http://www.barnesandnoble.com/nook/) this year which she is enjoying:
General information:
Pocket PC's
General eBook sites, some are pay sites, some free:
Project Gutenburg (The ultimate for older manuscripts and out-of-print)
 Xlibris (also publishing)
Online Originals (submissions as well as downloads)
Kensea (Children content)
Net Library
Electric Story
CrowsNest (SF & F)
Golden Gryphon (Fantasy)
Powell's Books
Barnes and Noble



Baen Free Library





Other readers:
 Glassbook Reader Download
 Planet PDF


Univ. Of Virginia Library
Adobe eBooks
Comparing eBook readers
Microsoft Reader Download
MSN eBooks
(1) Other readers include (but not limited to): Rocket Librarian, Microsoft Reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Glassbook Reader, Bookman.

 Reader's are software and as such some are machine specific as in devices vs. computer, whereas others are machine independent. I.E.: Rocket Librarian can only be used on a Rocket Ebook, MS Reader can be used either on a PDA or a computer, and Acrobat can only be used on a computer (though independent of make and resident OS.).

(2) you may find that these links contain more than one type of format. So, even though they are listed under categories as their primary classification, you still may want to preview them all.
Self-Publishing Sites
Photo Publishing
Costco's MyPublisher is a download program that you make up your own photo albums with. Then upload and they print and bind your book.

An Amazon Kindle for the kids, plus another Android and old phones.

I now own a Samsung Android tablet for most of my reading...
Some definitions:
Dedicated devices: Devices that are built specifically for reading eBooks. Usually serve no other purpose, the original Rocket Ebook, the new RCA ones above, etc. Opposed to PDA's and Windows CE devices that perform other functions but are able to accommodate electronic text.
Rocket editions: The original format for the Rocket Ebook Reader. These editions could be either text or html, could show gray scale pictures.
Adobe PDF: PDF = portable document format. This format was created for the ability to read documents across multiple devices, regardless of the operating system. Whether you are using a PC or Mac, if you have the Acrobat Reader installed on your machine you can read these documents as they were originally formatted by the authors. I save all my manuscripts in this format.
PDA's: Palms and their clones, originally built for pocket secretary duties the can also read etext if the software is installed on them.
Microsoft Reader: Microsoft's software entry into the field, a proprietary system for fonts, made primarily for the Windows CE market.
Franklin Palm, Glassbook, Acrobat and any other readers: All types of software that read electronic books saved in their formats. Not easily transportable between software or devices.

I am working/searching for methods of conversions back and forth.


The above programs and most of the readers have gone to the sidelines (Patricia still uses a Nook though upgraded twice, I prefer the Galaxy Tab android), I now use mostly pdf's which can be read by both, but for a Library conversion program I now use Calibre. Check out Texture for magazines.


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