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These are some of the handy-dandy pocket knives of the computer that I find indispensable. Most are free/shareware, or limited usability till you upgrade to the "Pro" versions to get more features. I find few have I had to "upgrade" to Pro versions, and many of the "free"ware versions work just fine.


PROGRAM Description Website

Free & Pro

Handy utility to print or save a list of files located in any folder. Right-click any folder in Windows Explorer and select "PrintFolder" in the popup menu. Other freeware on their site. No Nonsense Software
comparator 32 bit
comparator 64 bit
Compare files, folders and sub-folders to quickly update backups... It will list for you the changes between two media, presenting you the Missing files, those that are Newer and those that are Duplicate from both media selected. You can select which files to copy over to the other media, or copy them all in one go. $29.95 after trial period. SoftByte Labs


If you get a file you can't delete, it is usually because some program is linked to it and usually it's windows explorer because you looked at the file. Unlocker is installed in the right click menu and can break links.  
FileLocator Lite https://mythicsoft.com/filelocatorlite for the free file. Great for looking for a file within a drive or folder, that you know the name for but not where you put it.  
Free Commander Old
Free Commander is my favorite windows explorer replacement, two panes for transferring files between two folders. The Old version has a folder list for each pane. The new version looks slicker but only has one folder list for both panes, which I find confusing, as to which pane is active when I want to switch a folder. Web Site
Thunderbird my preferred email program
Firefox my preferred web browser

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